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Will a Donald Trump White House Be Good For The Stock Market?

Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful on “Shark Tank” thinks that not only will Donald Trump win the election but a Trump POTUS will cause a furious move for a bull market. “The 69-year-old sometime-real-estate-developer is going to win the White House, and it’ll be fine. Stocks will “go straight up,” says O’Leary.

We know Mr. Trump wants to construct a large wall to block entry from Mexico into the U.S. but if he wants Mexico to foot the bill, he’ll most likely have to “Buy local”. So companies like Cemex S.A.B. de C.V., which is Mexico’s largest construction materials company could be the ones receiving the winning bid… Cemex trades under symbol, CX on the New York Stock Exchange.

And for those of you who are saying, “If Trump’s President, I’m leaving America,” there’s potential bullish market conditions in this case as well. With more Americans moving to Canada, the upswing in warm clothes like the ones from Land’s End or L Brands could be good bets assuming people will be needing winter jackets to combat the Canadian cold front. Then again, a short trade on Macy’s could also bode well as Trump has boycotted the department store mogul for dumping his brand of business clothing.

And assuming that Trump still wants to “Bomb the **** out of ISIS”, oil stock may soon be back in full swing. So say by by to solar stock and “hello” to big oil again.

Is there more? Well you could bet on plays like Sotheby’s simply based on Tump’s plan to cut taxes for higher income individuals. During times of “top-loaded” tax cuts, we see inflation in lucury items like housing, art, etc. In the end it may simply be the alcohol companies like Constellation Brands, Brown Forman, and Diageo who benefit because let’s face it, after this election, I’m sure many of us will be in need of a stiff drink


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