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Another Profile Gains Over 20% for Our 4th Consecutive Win

Over this past weekend, we profiled Majesco Entertainment Co. (NASDAQ: COOL) as our 4th stock to watch since our network’s inception. Our first three profiles gained 56%, 37%, and 30% since we began following them. And our 4th, COOL, was no different.

Majesco Entertainment opened for trade on Monday, March 21st at $0.77 and never once gave traders a hint of doubt or worry. That is because $0.77 also marked the low of the day for our 4th consecutive winner. By lunch time, COOL was trading in the $0.85-$0.88 range before breaking out to new highs around 2:00pm EST of $0.93 making for real gains of 21%. COOL eventually closed day 1 of our coverage at $0.90.


Our 4th profile since inception marks our 4th consecutive winner. And just like the previous 3, COOL experienced a drastic surge in trading volume providing traders with excellent entry and exit opportunities throughout the day.

But today’s 21% gain could be just the start of something bigger for COOL.

As current members of our network already know, Top NASDAQ Stocks does NOT profile one day wonders. We do not alert one day trades. We cover undervalued companies that, in our opinion, have the potential for significant growth and share appreciation over an extended period of time. So although a 21% gain day 1 is “cool,” we expect much more out of Majesco Entertainment.

Since our inception and very first profile in January 2016, every single one of our alerts currently still trades higher than our alert price. This is proof of the quality of companies we initiate coverage on and a testament to the research our team puts in before introducing them to our network.

Today was a great day for COOL and we expect many more great days to come. Watch for further updates and news announcements as our 4th consecutive winner gains exposure and builds momentum.


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