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This Could Be *THE* Week We’ve Been Waiting For

Our Newest Alert is

Majesco Entertainment Co. (Nasdaq:COOL)

Coverage Has Begun On Majesco Entertainment (COOL)
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As we’re sure many of you have already come to see, COOL is beginning to see a lot more market action over these last few weeks. With news just having been released late last month and positive sentiment continuing to alert COOL on multiple scanners, our next week of coverage could put COOL in a whole new bracket when it comes to percentage gains.

Now, keep this in mind because we think it could be Very Important in the coming week. COOL is a Nasdaq Listed Stock. These have certian price requirements such as remaining over the $1 mark. Being that this is under $1, there could be a monster short position here for traders hoping it stays below this level…but We Beg to Differ. Remember, COOL has managed to run from our alert price of $0.77 all the way to highs of $0.99 and with the period of consolidation we’ve seen between the high 80 and low to mid 90 cent range, this could be the perfect storm for a short squeeze in our opinion as much of the selling pressure has been immediately met with bullish buying as recently seen during the past week of trading.

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With the kind of action we’ve begun to observe from this gaming stock, it may be a matter of hours or days (not weeks) where there could be a trigger for COOL to squeeze the shorts and sky rocket past that $1 mark. If you’ve also been following along, you’ve seen COOL continue to test new highs all while trading has remained consistently above average; all signs, in our opinion, that COOL could be ready to test new levels it hasn’t seen since January.

This is the beginning of a brand new quarter and with that, brand new potential in the market. Pull up COOL, check out this amazing chart, and let’s see if it can continue the run we’ve seen unfold for nearly 3 weeks now. We’ve got a feeling that this could be The Week to have COOL at the top of your list and we’ll have it on our screen first thing tomorrow morning (4/4).

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