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Trump All Set to Explicit His Economic Agenda

Donald trump is all set to address his supporters and critics in an attempt to sustain his position after a troublesome week, where the republican billionaire will elucidate his economic manifesto. Nevertheless, recent polls exhibit Trump as a better candidate for handling the US economy, whereas Clinton retains her lead in the presidential race.

Trump, who is already in hot waters due to his economic agenda, is likely to expound his tax cut proposals, when he addresses the Economic Detroit club. For his supporters looking forward to his speech, Larry Kudlow from CNBC hinted at major incentives and prospects for businessmen.

Nevertheless, the US Economy exhibits some uncertain data. Unemployment rate and wage growth rate are stable, with a significant number of new employment opportunities generated, whereas the GDP growth doesn’t seem promising.

The billionaire was again picked on when he announced his economic policy team, which consisted largely of tycoons and businessmen instead of economic experts. Critics already find his tax proposals inclined to accommodate businessmen, whereas Trump claims that his tax policy refuses to cater the wealthy. The salient features of his tax policy include flexible taxation for filers, favorable taxation structures for businessmen and proposals to restrict special treatment for corporates.

Larry Kudlow pointed at the corporate side of Trumps tax policy as he said: “The corporate business side of this plan is going to be so important … this is going to create new incentives so that American companies stay home,”

Trump is also likely to discuss his proposals for Health and energy, as hinted by Kudlow. Also, Trump is also expected to portray his ideas of scrapping off the Affordable Care act and the environmental restrictions, implemented by the current US president. Even though Trump’s economic agenda conflicts with that of his counterpart Clinton, he strongly believes that it would strengthen the US Economy.


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