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More Flights Canceled By Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is a noteworthy American carrier, with its central station and biggest center point at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The aircraft alongside its auxiliaries and provincial subsidiaries work more than 5,400 flights a day by day and serve a broad household and global system that incorporates 334 destinations in 64 nations on six mainlands, according to the reports generated in June 2015. It is working on the collaboration with Air France-KLM, Alitalia, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia. The flights are being operated regionally under the title name Delta Connection.

The normal operations of the Delta airlines were badly affected due to the power break down. The filth schedules were badly affected, and it seemed that everything turned upside down. The airports were filled with a number of people waiting for the flights to take off. Just after one day, of the power breakdown, on Tuesday 300 more flights were grounded. The major reason quoted by the spokesman is the power cut down at the headquarters based in Atlanta. This resulted in a heavy operational collapse as almost 1,000 flights were canceled and passengers of about 3,000 flights worldwide had to bear the brunt of delays.
The officials are confident that soon they will resolve the issue by returning to the recovery mode. According to the Senior Vice President of the company, Dave Holtz”We were able to bring our systems back on line and resume flights within a few hours yesterday, but we are still operating in recovery mode.” At the same time, he stated that besides every effort there are chances of further inconvenience for the travelers traveling nationally and internationally. The financial losses have not been made public yet, but no doubt these losses will be much more than a common man can think. The company has to reimburse and pay $200 (£154) vouchers to passengers whose flights are canceled or delayed by more than three hours.


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