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Top Trending Nasdaq Stocks On Thursday Afternoon

Top Trending Nasdaq Stocks On Thursday Afternoon

Once again we’re seeing the markets for many stocks, especially NASDAQ Stocks, test higher levels during the first week of the new year. Here are several trending penny stocks that have been climbing throughout the day. These include EnteroMedics Inc (NASDAQ:ETRM), GenVec Inc (NASDAQ:GNVC), as well as Prana Biotechnology Limited (ADR) (NASDAQ:PRAN).

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EnteroMedics Inc (NASDAQ:ETRM) has been on the list of trending NASDAQ stocks several times during the last few months. On Thursday, the stock saw highs of $4.98 during the first half of the trading day. The company announced that its vBloc® Neurometabolic Therapy has now been implanted at two additional vBloc Institutes – MedStar Health in Maryland and Roper St. Francis in South Carolina. In order to qualify as a vBloc Institute, a medical center or hospital system must have integrated the Company’s vBloc Therapy and its vBloc® Achieve support program into its practice. Since closing at $2.09 on Wednesday, this increase in price has equated to a move of more than 137%.

Another one of the NASDAQ stocks to watch on Thursday, GenVec Inc (NASDAQ:GNVC) has attracted the attention of investors. The company announced today that it has entered into an exclusive option agreement with Washington University in St. Louis to license intellectual property and technology related to gene editing and pulmonary endothelial cell targeting. If the option is exercised, the license will allow broad utilization of technology developed by David T. Curiel, M.D., Ph.D., professor of radiation oncology and Jeffrey Arbeit, M.D., professor of surgery at Washington University School of Medicine. GenVec plans to initially focus on research utilizing the technology to develop treatments for hemophilia. Shares of GNVC has jumped as much as 28% during the trading day after hitting highs of $4.47 during the afternoon session.

Finally, Prana Biotechnology Limited (ADR) (NASDAQ:PRAN) hit scanners today as the stock saw one of its highest trading volume days in months. After trading more than 1.65 million shares, PRAN had hit highs of $2.98 and showed a breakout move of 53% from the opening bell. Prana Biotechnology was established to commercialise research into Alzheimer’s disease and other major age-related neurodegenerative disorders.

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