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Top Trending Nasdaq Stocks On Friday the 13th

Top Trending Nasdaq Stocks On Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is showing more positive on several Nasdaq Stocks than negative. Typically people fear this mix of day and date of month based on superstition of bad luck. But for many stocks trading on the NASDAQ, explosive moves in price and trading volume have been seen first hand. This includes Globus Maritime Ltd (NASDAQ:GLBS), Transgenomic Inc (NASDAQ:TBIO), and Adesto Technologies Corp (NASDAQ:IOTS).

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Globus Maritime Ltd was a Nasdaq Stock that got off to a running start this morning and opened just a hair above $3.00 a share. The company’s main focus is dry bulk shipping. GLBS provides marine transportation services worldwide and presently owns, operates and manages a fleet of dry bulk vessels that transport iron ore, coal, grain, steel products, cement, alumina and other dry bulk cargoes internationally. Shares hit a high of $7.35 during the afternoon session when some of its highest volume was seen on Friday.

Transgenomic Inc has once again climbed to all time highs for 2017 when it hit $1.59 in early trading on Friday. The NASDAQ stock started the week out at $0.28. This rally over the past 3 days has equated to more than 465%. Interest seems to have compounded ever since the company announced a licensing agreement with leading Canadian laboratory services provider LifeLabs, which has selected Transgenomic’s ICE COLD-PCR (ICP) technology as its mutation enrichment platform for cancer testing.

The three-year, renewable agreement includes a non-exclusive license to the ICP technology in Canada. Separately, Transgenomic also announced issuance of a new Canadian patent for ICP. The company is a global biotechnology company advancing personalized medicine in oncology and inherited diseases through advanced diagnostic technologies, such as its revolutionary ICE COLD-PCR, which enables use of liquid biopsies for mutation detection. The company also provides specialized clinical and research services to biopharmaceutical companies developing targeted therapies.

Rounding out the list of top Nasdaq stocks on Friday the 13th is Adesto Technologies Corp. The company is a provider of application-specific, ultra-low power non-volatile memory products. The company has designed and built a portfolio of innovative products with intelligent features to conserve energy and enhance performance. Late this week shares of IOTS began trading in a frenzy of bullish momentum and even after seeing a day where the stock jumped 69%, shares continued to climb higher on Friday. This NASDAQ stock hit a high of $3.60 to mark a two day rally of 57%.


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