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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Introduces ‘Trending Topics’ Update

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), a Nasdaq Stocks listed company has introduced changes to the “Trending Topic” feature. In the new development, those connected vie Facebook will be able to access the same news stories happening at the same time and which make news of the moment. The feature is resistant to “fake news.”

The automated system will isolate articles to be featured basing on a wider examination of what the main stream media is covering together with particular stories resonating spurring wide coverage. The feature is expected to help in taming spread of misleading information some of which featured in the Trending but only depending on stories that main stream media platforms are reporting on as opposed to relying on people’s individual posts.

The criteria used in selecting the stories will also consider personal preference. This is a major step Facebook has taken which for a long period had majorly relied on personalization of all the content on its network. The stories that feature in Trending will come with headlines from publishers.

The social giant’s huge audience and emergence as a major source of information makes the move very important as millions of its user in the U.S will be able to access similar stories the networker’s desktop version. The new feature will take effect on Wednesday in the U.S and later be rolled out the following couple of weeks.

Headlines in also a new feature to Trending which will make the feature very important source digital real estate information. Facebook, a top Nasdaq Stocks listed company says it will put into consideration several factors including publisher engagement, story engagement and the reaction from other publishers about the story.

The feature will make it easier to access breaking news. For a long time, Trending has been reliable with relaying real-time news. The company now says it will be taking into account the number of publishers posting on a specific topic to determine whether the story qualifies to feature in Trending. This is a deviation from previous parameters where Facebook only relied on engagement surrounding the topic.

Facebook is taking deliberate steps to affirm its position as the most preferred social media platform ahead of other best Nasdaq Stocks like Twitter.

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