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Huntington Bancshares Incorporated (NASDAQ:HBAN) Will Be Run By Former Reds Batting Practice Pitcher

Dwight “Whitey” Kollmeier made a giant leap from the practice pitcher for batting on the Reds team, to becoming the manager director of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated (NASDAQ:HBAN). Kollmeier made this position late September, officially.

After service as a batting practice pitcher, Kollmeier changed his path direction to that of the insurance niche. In this niche, he worked for 35 years, after which, he made a managing partner for one of the largest insurance firms in the region.

In his time as a batting practice pitcher, which was between 1981 to 1983, Kollmeier was responsible for administrating batting practice pitches for the likes of Johnny Bench, and Dave Collins, who are both renown in their sports careers.

Kollmeiers responsibility as managing partner

As his role of managing director at Huntington, mainly in charge of Huntington Insurance’s Southern Ohio, Central Ohio, as well as Kentucky regions. However, Kollmeier left no concern about non-transparency in terms of where he would be directing his focus.

When questioned on this very topic, Kollmeier stated, “My focus will be to grow Cincinnati and northern Kentucky market, there is a lot of room for growth there.”

Although Huntington is rather large regionally, its local market base is comparatively small, when considering it against other insurance companies. Kollmeier admitted that he agreed to this evaluation, and stated that he would be working on ensuring that local markets flourish.

Kollmeiers history of insurance

Originally, Kollmeier began his career in insurance with a business in 1980. The insurance company’s name was Unum. Following this, in 1991 he joined up with Acordia.

This transference between various insurance companies continued until 2010, where he began work for First National Bank as the Insurance manager for the branch in Pennsylvania. Prior to leaving this position, he stayed in the occupation for a year and a half to ensure a smooth transition between him and his successor.

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