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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) Introduces A New Generation Of FPGAs For Industrial And Automotive Applications

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) announced a new generation of field programmable arrays (FPGAs) to suit the ever growing needs of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The new generation of FPGAs will deliver more processing power at a faster speed compared to the previous versions.

The applications of these new developments will include the automotive industry, industrial automation and audio visual systems, reports the Business Wire.

Importance of FPGAs in IoT applications

Tech companies continue to develop new devices, that can connect to the internet and share volumes of data (IoT). As the amount of data becomes big, the processing of the data becomes difficult. Such volume of data is overwhelming for microprocessors and microcontrollers. That is why Intel developed FPGAs.

FPGAs have a high-processing power. They can receive and send data, process the data, and provide the desired output in real-time. Intel’s FPGA can be customized and programmed to provide a specific level of computing expected of the IoT device.

The new generation of FPGAs is dubbed Cyclone 10 FPGAs, and it includes two versions- Cyclone 10 GX and Cyclone 10 LP. The two versions, have different features and suit different IoT needs.

Cyclone 10 GX

The Cyclone 10 GX FPGAs are a cheap solution, that does not compromise on performance. This version will suit high-performance applications requiring sophisticated design and complex computations, and intellectual property (IP) blocks. They offer double the performance of the previous generations of Intel’s Cyclone chips.

 The market for this version is high-end industrial applications such as Pro-Av systems in computing, storage, medicine, and military, as well as applications in the Automotive industry. Simply put, Cyclone 10 GX is for those applications that high I/O (input/output) and speed are essential needs.

Cyclone 10 LP

Intel’s Cyclone 10 LP FPGAs is a low static power solution best suited for low-cost applications. This version requires up to 50% lower static power than the previous FPGAs generations. Also, it has simplified power distribution as it only requires two power supplies. It is cheap, thus should offer low-cost IoT solutions to customers.

An obvious application of Cyclone 10 LP is the rearview cameras in vehicles (automotive video processing).

The Intel’s Cyclone 10 Generation of FPGAs, will be available to consumers later in the year, but no sooner than June.

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