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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Introduces New Processor

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), one of the top Nasdaq Stocks in U.S has unveiled the new E7-8894 v4. This is one of the best and greatest Xeon processor and has an MSRP of $8,898. Apart from other specs of the new processor, the most outstanding and probably most important one is the fact that the processor goes for almost $9,000.

The process is a professional-grade hardware exclusively designed for companies with servers that carry large amounts of databases. With this innovation, Intel has set the standards high for benchmarking records and raised the level of completion with other tech companies and probably some of best Nasdaq Stocks in the US financial markets. With this level of investment definitely it is not the kind of chip one would purchase to play Overwatch.

The 24 core processer comes with 60MB of cache running at 2.4GHz as well as a maximum clock speed of 3.4GHz. The E7-8890 v4 Xeon, Intel’s previous chip has almost similar specifications and goes at a retail price of $7,174, slightly cheaper than the latest model. However the previous model runs at a much lower speed of 2.2GHz.

Additionally, the company manufactures some other cheaper but powerful Xeon processors in the E7-8800 category. The E7-8894 v4 is however the best pick in the category.

Intel has managed to maintain a reasonable growth momentum despite a declining PC market. During Intel’s analyst day last week, a number of worries arose though analysts say these worries are overblown. Most of these are however not new to the company but the fact that they are in most cases overstated, they plague the company’s share into a windfall.  The company has however managed to recover according to the latest Nasdaq Stock Picks.

The company’s move towards production of 10nm has been put on hold a number of times and the first chips from the new production plan dubbed “tick-tock” may be on the market by end of the year.  As a result of the postponements, the production model is likely to extend to ‘tick-tock-tock-tock-tock.’ Intel is also tied up in worries about the declining corporate datacenter market and a shrinking margin upon which new growth potentials are uncured.

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