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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s Battle Of Cyber Security Adversaries With Integrated Solutions

In the recent past, the cyber security industry has been faced with immense threats from cyber criminals.  However, all their cyber vices will not become a thing of the past; thanks to Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). The company has put its efforts together to bring to the industry updated integrated solutions.

There is notable workforce shortage within the cyber security industry. This is perhaps one of the many disconnects that the cyber criminals could be capitalizing on to carry out their crimes. At the same time, the resources are meager, which makes it equally hard to maintain consistent security architecture.

But Intel Security’s unifying approach will help in eliminating the adversaries  

For the last couple of months, the company has been working on new ash boards that will help in the identification of cyber threats. The result is that it will be entreating on new cross-industry partnerships as well as product integrations, which triggers the need for innovation. Thus, it will be embracing the new potential in security technologies.

The company’s senior vice president, Chris Young observes, “The battle against our adversaries cannot be fought alone; it will take people, products, organizations and industries working together to eliminate the fragmentation of security.”

The need for integrated solutions that tie into the enterprise’s framework

Young is of the opinion that automation, partnerships, and combination of architectures will give magical solutions to the emerging threats. For this reason, Intel Security has vowed to work towards the enhancement of new product integrations and updates. New industry partnerships and standards-based collaboration are also expected to be in favor of cyber security infrastructure.

At the heart of a unified strategy, the company has launched a Threat Landscape Dashboard that will also be instrumental in fighting the vulnerabilities. It will come in handy for security practitioners in setting apart the vulnerabilities that should be scraped off first.

As the need for highly developed malware protection grows within the public, Intel Security is promising an offer of better products. For example, it will be expanding the dashboard with detailed threat descriptions. In the meantime, Intel Security’s stock was trading at $35.93 witnessing an increase of $0.13 or 0.36%.

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