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New Corporate Focus: Breaking Data (CVE:BKD)

If you knew how big companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, or even GE would have become, would you invest in them as soon as you could have? Think about this for a moment just in the case of Google alone: If you bought one share of Google in 2004 at its initial public offering price of $85, it would be worth north of $1,500 USD a share today, taking into account Google’s stock split.

Even if you’d only invested a small sum of $13,480CAD back then, you’d have nearly $270,000 today!

Similarly, had you invested the same $13,480 into Apple when it first hit the radar of the street back in 1980, you would be sitting on a windfall of just over $3.7million.

And here’s where it gets even crazier? If you had enough foresight to put a small sum of $13,480 into Microsoft during its early stages when the stock price was around $21 per share, not only would you have nearly 500 shares today, but the value of your position would be north of $10.7 million

There were hundreds if not thousands of other companies trying to do the same things that these market leaders have done but proven systems, driven leadership, and outside of the box thinking set these juggernauts head and shoulders above the rest.

Honestly, who would have thought that a simple telephone would one day give you your daily weather report or that you could ask a question to a computer and it would spit out millions or even billions of related results? But that’s why they’re sitting where they are. Today the successful decisions these companies made are quite obvious but back then, these were tech start-ups looking to make a name and that’s where smart investors took the opportunity that had been presented. And they were handsomely rewarded.

Breaking Data (CVE:BKD) Is Quietly Shaking Up An Industry Set To Shape The New Face Of Technology & Analytics, But The Street Has Yet To Catch Wind

Technology shapes our everyday life and a new necessity has some of the biggest companies in the industry looking to start-ups for the next opportunity. That’s right, the organizations that turned thousands of dollars into millions are now stepping back to take direction from “the little guy”. But how will investors even begin to capitalize?

If Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon (multi-billion dollar companies) are targeting a new industry, how can the average investor capitalize without investing directly into these companies, with stock prices north of $100 or even $500 a share?

The answer may surprise you but it all comes down to being first and ground floor opportunities are being presented right now as long as savvy investors know where to look. The industry that these game changing companies are looking at has now commanded multi-million and multi-billion dollar investments.

In fact, Microsoft just put $26 billion USD into this space through a recent acquisition. Google has invested nearly $10 billion USD into this industry to try and position itself. Others too, like Amazon, Apple, Salesforce.com, and even Uber are shelling out BIG MONEY in a mad dash to grab hold of the next big game-changer in tech! And over the last 5 years, this industry has seen some of the most and some of the largest M&A deals in history.

What is this industry? Simply put, Artificial Intelligence (AI)…and it is about to change the way everyone uses technology. The race for a faster, seamless, and more streamlined system has become the biggest focus for handling large data sets. Not only this but ways of translating data into useable or actionable information is paramount to the cutting edge. With smaller companies being swallowed up by giants in tech, where can investors turn in order to gain exposure and also position themselves for the dynamic shift that the industry is about to make?

One small company called Breaking Data (CVE:BKD) is quietly shaking up the industry and changing the way average users access and interpret data. The kicker? Mainstream investors have yet to find out about this. Quietly, Breaking Data has been honing and developing a breakthrough system that could revolutionize AI & cognitive systems technology as we know it.

And the recent capitalization of the company to the tune of nearly $5million gives them the financial boost to continue developing and expanding on their dynamic artificial intelligence suite of technology.

With International Data Corporation forecasting the cognitive systems market to soar to more than $31 billion in 2019 and IBM, makers of the Watson platform expecting it to become a $2.7 trillion CAD opportunity, the time to be looking for opportunity is now. But just like the early days of Apple and Google, investors will need targeted means in order to take advantage of ground floor potential.

When it comes to picking the right tech investment, it boils down to being ahead of the pack. For example, no one invested in Apple on Day 1 because they already had the iPhone, no one bought into Google because they knew for a fact that it would become what it is today, and likewise who would have thought that an online bookstore would become one of the largest online retail and data mining companies in the world?

To properly profit from cutting edge tech, investors take the face value and multiply it by who’s targeting that industry. It’s the old adage, if there’s not a line out the door, it must not be good. Then again if that line is made up of some of the biggest names in tech, shouldn’t you be paying attention? This is why big data and AI is the space that has quickly begun to attract the first wave of investors looking for their next Apple, Google, or Microsoft.

Breaking Data could be single-handedly setting up for a massive shift in investor interest right now with all arrows pointing toward data and social analytics. That’s right, this one small stock could hold a key to some of the most readily available information amassed from millions of data points. From news to sports, the company’s AI technology responds at light speed to breaking events.

The Company’s technology platform has many practical applications, in multiple business and consumer verticals that are immersed in massive media and data rich settings. And it’s already gaining acclaim from some of the biggest names in media.

One of the most well established pioneers in web search has teamed up with Breaking Data. LYCOS is one of the original and most widely known Internet brands in the world, evolving from one of the first search engines on the web, into a comprehensive digital media destination for consumers across the world.

Through the partnership agreement, Breaking Data has already solidified a deal to power the LYCOS sports App that was launched just a few months ago. Furthermore, Breaking Data has just launched a product that could change the face of sports news and information with a heavy focus on the growing niche on fantasy sports as well!

The company’s BreakingSports product suite offers a standalone, data rich platform that gives users real time information, many times before the sports media outlets have it themselves. The system reads through Twitter, Reddit, and other news sources to get users the up-to-the-minute details before the ESPN recap; and it’s more than scores. Users can get news on injuries, lineups, and even rumors. Forbes, USA Today, and even ESPN have sung their praises.

You Can Download BreakingSports For Apple & Android Devices, Now

“One thing that is freaky about it, is that you can get information faster [on Breaking Sports] than you’ll get from the TV…Like if someone is injured, they go back to the locker room, you’ll get an update when that player returns to the field before its actually said on TV from those who are actually at the game.”

– Alex Zivkovic, CTO of BreakingSports

And with the Daily Fantasy industry reaching into the billions of dollars spent per year, this one app alone could quickly become the go-to source for roster shifts on the fly and real-time updates to give an edge above those relying solely on sports media outlets.

But this isn’t a sports betting play at all; it’s far more than that. The ability that Breaking Data has above its media and news outlets alone could be a huge asset especially when it comes to artificial intelligence applied to a user base needing to make split second decisions. What if it could be applied to more than just the sports world? What if you, as an investor, could see market sentiment before major wire services? What kind of edge would you have in “making the first move” ahead of the street?

Breaking Data’s technology utilizes semantic AI and natural language processing to track social media in a fully automated, real-time manner for significant information and events. It can then distribute summarized information in real-time to its users. The application for a technology like this could potentially be endless and it all stems from the success it’s gained from this simple sports app.

What Breaking Data Just Did, Could Set This Company Head & Shoulders Above Some Of The BIGGEST Names In the Digital World!

The company went through the last phase of closing an acquisition of Sports New Media Holdings Limited, which is the owner of GiveMeSport.com and its related businesses. Have you ever heard of ESPN? GiveMeSport not has nearly 10 million more fans on Facebook than ESPN but also is one of the Top ranked websites in the entire world. In fact, GiveMeSport generates over 3.4 billion impressions (Nov-16), reaching over 140 million unique users (Nov-16) per month on Facebook alone.

GiveMeSport is now ranked (by Alexa from Amazon) the 531st most popular website in the world (Apr 21, ’17). To give context, here are some other notable websites: Bleacher Report is ranked at 778th, Fox Sports is 2,093rd, and NBC Sports is 1,933rd. Now, Breaking Data could be in position to capitalize in a BIG WAY with early investors seeing this just as the acquisition has been finalized.

GiveMeSport became the official online destination of the NBA in the UK, producing and publishing its digital content for the official website as well as implementing its industry-leading programmatic setup. The company has taken its partnership even further with the NBA, moving to a global scale in a programmatic deals across 18 territories.

This all presents immense potential for those looking at this company right now. The biggest driver could be in the world of mergers, acquisitions, and overall valuation. Just look at some of the media takeovers that have happened in recent years: Bleacher Report, Huffington Post and even Forbes. Bleacher Report was bought for $175-200 million USD in 2012. The site had 10 million unique monthly visitors at the time. Their current global Alexa ranking is 778 and they currently have 6.9 million likes on Facebook with 60 million unique monthly visitors.

One of the most heavily searched news outlets, Huffington Post was taken over in 2011 for $315 million USD. They had 25-30 million unique monthly visitors at the time and according to the AOL website, they currently have 204 million page views a month, with a total unique digital population of 79 million monthly web visitors and 51 million monthly visitors on mobile devices. Huffington Post currently ranks 199, globally and has 9.35 million likes on Facebook…starting to see the potential?

Now let’s look at Forbes. This was sold for $415 million USD (about $560 million CAD) in 2014.They had 31 million unique monthly users at the time, 45% of these users were on Forbes mobile. They reach roughly 75 million users worldwide and hold a current global Alexa ranking of 256. Compared to the two others mentioned, Forbes has considerably less of a following on Facebook with only 4.5 million likes.

Just look at these three scenarios alone. Do you see what kinds of valuations are being given in this space? Hundreds of millions of dollars. Let’s look at GiveMeSport. Current valuation at roughly $2.80 CAD is around $87 million CAD on a fully diluted basis. They’ve got roughly 36 million monthly visitors and a global Alexa ranking of 531.

Pause for a moment and let’s look at this Alexa number for a moment. This 531 global ranking is impressive considering there hasn’t been a major presence in the U.S. yet. When you talk about 36 million monthly visitors it seems to be in the ballpark of the previously mentioned companies but now this is where GiveMESport knocks it out of the park. They’ve got over 26 Million likes on Facebook, over 200 million unique users on Facebook just this past January, and 3.5 billion total Facebook impressions during the same period. With the growth that mobile access is beginning to see, GiveMeSport could also be well positioned as 75% of the audience is on mobile.

So let’s get a full picture here. Alexa measures website traffic but has nothing to do with Facebook or social media necessarily, unless you go from Facebook to the website. So comparably speaking, 36 million monthly users is along the exact same lines as some of these previously mentioned outlets who were acquired for hundreds of millions of dollars. But what GiveMESport has that the others don’t is a massive social media presence. BKD could show the highest value of the three take-outs mentioned above and the metrics are showing to be even greater.

So with this in mind, let’s take a look at some outlets that are known for their presence on social media: Vox and BuzzFeed.

VOX is currently valued at over $1.35 billion CAD. They have 170 million unique monthly visitors, 67 million average monthly videos watched, 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, 1.5 billion minutes total watched on YouTube in 2016, 800 million total content views, and 66% of their users are on mobile. Yet their global Alexa ranking over 1200 and they only have 1.4 million Facebook likes

Even though the unique monthly web visitor figure is much higher than Breaking Data/ GiveMeSport, it really isn’t if you add in the presence on Facebook; not to mention they have less of an overall percentage of mobile users. Their Alexa rank is also significantly lower.

Consider this, NBC put over $200 million into this company in the last few years. This company is valued at over 13 times Breaking Data/Givemesport; why?

Despite NBC investing hundreds of millions into it, is Vox overvalued or is BreakingData/GiveMeSport so incredibly undervalued that the numbers could depict a much larger opportunity right now?

This leads us to BuzzFeed, which holds a $2.3 billion CAD valuation.
They’ve got 200 to 400 million unique monthly visitors, 5 billion in video views monthly, and 75% of its content is mobile (same as Breaking Data/GiveMeSport). But here’s where it gets more interesting. Buzzfeed has a global Alexa rank of 190 and only 9.9 million Facebook likes yet holds a $2.3 billion valuation.

This is not to say that Breaking Data/GiveMeSport is BuzzFeed, Vox, Bleacher Report, or any other company mentioned but certainly based on metrics alone, many will get a good idea of what Breaking Data with its acqustion of GiveMeSport could be worth; that alone would make the current market valuation appear microscopic!

And if you were expecting it to be another flash in the pan for technology, the market for “news first” is valued in the BILLIONs of dollars…at least that’s what Twitter was willing to pay for social news aggregator Flipboard in 2015. The social media site known for its “up-to-the-second” update feed was willing to bet $1billion to have access to the technology. But it isn’t just a US “fad” either.

Tech companies focused on aggregator & artificial intelligence are seeing staggering M&A deals around the globe right now. Chinese tech company Cheetah Mobile has acquired French startup News Republic, a news aggregator, for $57 million USD. Apple Inc has also been doing its fair share of acquisitions to the tune of more than a $270 million CAD valuation via several transactions in the second half of 2016 alone!

Why could Breaking Data stand alone? Right now the company is focused on the key media applications and outlets that can quickly take it to an incredible valuation. However, just like those investors who saw the vision beyond Apple’s first Mac or Google’s first search engine, and even beyond Amazon’s book sales, Breaking Data has something that could be a game-changer.

It not only could present a very near term value proposition for the growth of Breaking Data & its shareholders but also for fat cat tech companies on the road to acquire companies like this at multi-hundred million or even multi-billion dollar valuations. The fact that this has just begun to whisper amongst investors could be the writing on the wall for those looking for the next major paradigm shift in technology.

Google is investing in this industry; Facebook is investing in the industry, Amazon, GE, Apple, Microsoft, Vox, Fortune, etc.; the list will continue to grow! Today we talk about what a small investment in any of these previously mentioned companies would look like today. What will be your answer if the same question is asked about Breaking Data in the future?



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