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New Alert: Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI)

Have you been watching? This morning Agora Holdings (AGHI) has gottent off to an active start with an early 7.5% jog to highs of $0.93 but this may be just the beginning, in our opinion. If you look back a few weeks ago, AGHI showed a similar two-day uptrend. What followed from there was a multi-day move to highs of $1.60.

If history acts as the guide with this and AGHI manages a similar run, that jump from current levels of $0.87 back to $1.60 would be nearly 100%. Tech companies have been leading the market this week and that rising tide could have a lot more people searching for new, “under the radar” stocks to watch.

So far AGHI has seen a consistent uptrend during the morning session and with plenty of time left in the day, now may be the time for you to look at AGHI during the lunch hour before the afternoon session kicks into gear! Remember, our last alert ended up blasting off for several days to triple digit highs, AGHI could be on a path to be next. Stay tuned and if you haven’t read the full AGHI report, you can, below:

Wednesday’s Alert Is Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI)

Agora Holdings, Inc. is a holding company that focuses in the media and software applications. (AGHI) has two subsidiaries: Geegle Media Ltd. (, and its most recent acquisition of one of the FASTEST GROWING telecom companies in North America, RiNet Telecom. RiNet is focused on enhancing network capabilities, to improve coverage, communication and efficiency.

(AGHI)’s Geegle Media has already grown its footprint in the rapidly growing $30 Billion digital streaming market. Also, keep this in the back of your head as well: The digital streaming market is anticipated to grow to $70 Billion in JUST 5 years.

What Separates (AGHI) From The Rest?

Here’s something you need to fully understand, while (AGHI)’s competitors like, Netflix, YouTube and Pandora solely focus on ONE of the aspects of the Digital Media market such as: user-created content (in the case of YouTube), movies/ tv (with Netflix), and music streaming (Pandora)…

(AGHI)’s Geegle Media has established themselves in ALL three!

This is what we believe could give (AGHI) a competitive advantage to be one of the first to take full advantage of some of that $40 Billion inflow of cash within these industries.

Why Does Acquiring RiNet Telecom Benefit Agora?

We’re happy you asked! (AGHI) acquiring RiNet Telecom gives the company a significant presence in the quickly growing telecom technology market.

RiNet reported to have anticipated multi-million dollars in revenue in contracts for 2017 in contracts. But here’s something that’s even more interesting.

By acquiring RiNet Telcom, (AGHI) has created the road-map on how to seriously cash in on the digital age. Because now they’re getting the opportunity to make money bringing their digital content to the masses!

Agora Holdings, Inc. Acquires RiNet Telecom, Accelerating Its Growth In Tech Sector

What’s Next For Agora?

The company recently announced on July 26th, 2017 that it would be focusing its efforts on what’s called “Internet of Things” (IoT). IOT is a defined as;

“A global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things that collect useful data with the help of existing technologies and then autonomously flowing the data between other devices.”

According to Gartner IT research firm, 8.4 billion connected “things” are in use in 2017, up 31% from 2016 (Gartner, Dec 2016). Leading information analyst, IHS Markit Ltd, forecasted that by 2020, IoT would grow to 30.7 billion devices and 75.4 billion in 2025.

Hands on the “Internet of Things” (IoT) For Agora Holdings, Inc. & Subsidiaries

Target For Buyout Potential?

The fact that more and more people, around the world, are turning towards the internet to watch their favorite movies and shows is a HUGE takeover for the web. But the rise of the internet and smart technology is more than just convenience…to investors it could be one of the biggest wealth generators to hit Wall Street in recent years.

(AGHI) could be presenting a potential value proposition like nothing that’s been seen in this space since the inception iPTV.

They’re combining the movie playing aspect of Netflix, the broadcast TV capability of Hulu and music playing feature of iHeart Radio with the news reporting options of CNN, MSNBC and Yahoo.

They’re basically a one stop shop for online entertainment, movies, music, news, television shows – all in one place. Users wouldn’t ever have to leave to get what they want. Then again it’s no secret that the buyout is one of the FASTEST ways people get rich on Wall Street…THINK ABOUT THIS FOR JUST A MOMENT: Early investors in Netflix when it was trading around $1 – right now could walk away with nearly 11,000% profit!

And with the boom of big M&A in tech, what history has shown for smaller companies in the space, could prompt more eyebrows to raise and here’s why:

In 2006 Google bought YouTube for $1.65BILLION.
In 2011 Microsoft scooped Skype for $8.5 BILLION.
…And who could forget when Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 BILLION!

This may not be “just another tech play” because the big boys are taking major notice when it comes to the new paradigm shift in entertainment. Also keep in mind that at the time of these acquisitions, companies like YouTube and WhatsApp were not anywhere near as notable as they have become since then! What would happen if (AGHI) were to join that list?

It’s Simple Math

(AGHI)’s recent trading activity shows us that this stock can move triple digits in a SINGLE trading day! Just on July 17th 2017 (AGHI) ran from lows of $0.62 to daily highs of $1.62, resulting in a 158% swing!

The long and short of it is that we’re coming off of a BIG WINNER from earlier this summer and we’re ready to hit the ground running in August. If you’re ready to then now’s the time to pull up (AGHI) and if you choose, be ready at the bell, Wednesday (8/2/17) ! 


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